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We are a Digital Marketing and Design firm with well developed roots in the traditional world as well.
We love creating successful, dynamic business-building online and offline experiences for our clients.
We invite you to sit down, tell us about your business, your goals and desires, get to know us and get a
sense of our style and approach, and let us help you Acquire, Engage and Retain more customers.

Social Media

Social Media? "YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE IT!" Right? So you dive in, head first and build a FaceBook business page, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yelp, Google+, etc., etc., etc. Now what? Exactly!Social Media is not a construction project, it's nearly a way of life. Nobody will deny the benefits of a well built, well managed Social Media campaign. Yet as a small or medium sized business, how do you allocate the resources, time and effort to building, much less managing an effective presence?

We can help you sort the buzz from the hype. We will be as involved as you like, from creating a well thought out strategy that you can actually run while you run your business to a no-holds-barred, all out Social Media Powerhouse where we will partner with you to dominate your market! Either way, you can count on a measurable return on your investment and increased bottom line benefits.

Print Design

We like what we do... And we like to do it on paper still too! But we don't stop there...

What good is a dynamic, highly engaging social media campaign, a cool websiteor any other digital business asset when your company brochures, letter head or business cards are...yawn...boring? Or worse yet, your brand is fragmented and inconsistent.

We create the continuity, image or process you need to compete, and even dominate your market.

Website Design

Really cool websites too! Not those multicolored, flashing this, scrolling that type websites that look like a graphical equivilant of a circus side show act. We define "cool" by designing sites that are truly customized for your business and your website's purpose. We pay attention to design standards and the little things like:

Does it provide a strong return on investment?

Will it actually help "grow" your business?

Will your customers find value in it too?

Websites have become the primary source of lead generation for most companies. Your website can be the source of your customers first impression, but often times your website is what your potential customer will use to validate your business after they speak to you and before they make a buying decision.

It's widely beleived that most visitors form an opinion of your website within the first few seconds. Don't let a poorly done website lead to a missed opportunity because the prospect fails to connect with the message and leaves.

Mobile Web

Mobile Websites have become a necessity in today's smartphone weilding consumers. From searching for your business on the move, to looking for a deal you may be offering, to wanting to see your menu, brands offered or hours open. It doesn't matter what the reason, if someone is looking for your business, you don't just want to be there, you need to be on their mobile phone.

Websites optimized for today's mobile devices are not a luxury, but a neccessity...

Here are a few facts:
- By 2014, mobile internet is predicted to take over desktop internet usage. ~Micorsoft
- 65% of mobile users said they used it to find a business to make an in-store purchase ~Google
- 74% of smartphone owners used their devices to get directions and other location-related information as of February 2012 ~Pew Research

QR, SMS, Etc.

With mobile devices becoming so prevelant, it's only natural to maximize your marketing efforts to take avantage of them.

QR Codes allow you to easily connect your customers to email offers, coupons, your website or even your phone number.

SMS, or text message marketing allows you to communicate special offers or limited time events to your customers with a simple text message.

Whether you sell products to services, Priority Media Group will put cutting edge strategies to work for your business.